About MarkeyLink.com

This FREE vanity URL builder and management service is designed for smart, elegant and talented marketing directors and/or Web developers that need to optimize the management of their campaign links (URLs).

This life-saving SAAS is provided as a free service with no limits, there will be some added features down the road too! So why are you still reading this, you should have signed up by now!

Why You Should Use Campaign Coded URLs

This article is designed for the beginner marketer or small business owner working hard at some marketing campaigns and no idea how to track their efforts. Learn more about why you should be using tracking codes and URL builders »

Our URL Builder Application

This URL building application was built by a savvy Web developer and marketing director team to solve the problem of poorly managed marketing campaign coded URLs.

The system was used as an intranet application and eventually what you see here as a SAAS application helping other like-minded Web managers and Marketing directors easily create their URLs and effectively manage their campaigns across many clients or departments.

We hope you enjoy this application, we’re always happy to hear about our user’s feedback. Some suggestions have made it to our production application.

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